Real Madrid FC

There has been very g00d t0 sh0w music vide0s thr0ugh0ut the year. There are als0 s0me right stinkers .

That thing is really stupid t0 write really, because it’s always h0w , but I ‘ve made ​​my decisi0n t0 write it and I’m stuck because there is abs0lutely n0 reas0n f0r Mad0nna sh0w s0 far . I was really disapp0inted when Megaf0rce – French direct0rs wh0 are resp0nsible f0r the fab Is Tr0pical ‘ The Greeks ‘ – which pr0duced a lifeless mess 0f a vide0 in which Madge l00ks like the m0ther 0f a little MIA massive embarrassment and psych0tic Nicki Minaj . Let’s n0t even g0 near the ” Girls G0ne Wild ” ad that l00ks like a bad ar0ma fr0m the 90’s but s0meh0w have been banned fr0m public view 0n Y0uTube f0r being t00 ‘ vulgar ‘ .

Foto Real Madrid

Foto Real Madrid

Als0 , I think I hate 0dd Future n0w . I call it ” K0ny 2012 Syndr0me ” . At first I was taken , but then y0u read int0 it m0re and y0u might find it quite strange that an evil cult . DiS f0rum , s0me pe0ple intr0duced me t0 the vide0 f0r the 0ldie ( thanks guys ) and it is a vide0 0f hip – h0p classic crew . It is natural and fun and l0 – fi and make them feel like a real gang . H0wever , unf0rtunately they decided t0 make a vide0 Rella . D0 n0t make j0kes ab0ut wife beating . Theref0re , they d0 n0t get the vide0 here ( alth0ugh I have put a link in , s0 again a kind 0f a stupid thing t0 write )

nama pemain real madrid

nama pemain real madrid

Real Madrid FC


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